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What types of items are accepted at The Sparrow’s Nest?
We will accept toys, games, books, DVDs or videos, video games, educational software, home school curriculum, children’s shoes, linens, children’s room décor, furniture, play equipment (indoor & outdoor), strollers, swings, highchairs and any other items used by growing children. Right now, we are able to accept items for any season. We will accept infant sizes through boys and girls Junior sizes.
Maternity clothing for all seasons will be accepted at any sale.
Please check your items for stains, tears, broken or missing buttons, and buckles or snaps. Sell items that you would consider purchasing if shopping for your children. We will not accept any toys that are recalled or identified as dangerous to children. Please check this link for recent recalls prior to tagging questionable items.
We can accept baby cribs manufactured after June of 2011. Federal regulations mandate that we can no longer accept baby cribs manufactured before June 28th, 2011.
We will accept car seats and booster seats that are within 6 years of the date of manufacture.

How do I print tags for my items?
Once you are registered and logged into your account, you can “place an order” for the bar-code tags that you will need, and a link will be given that you can use to print that order. You can order as many tags in as many denominations as you would like. We ask that you print them on card stock so that they will be durable. The tags will print with your consignor number and the item amount on each tag. There is a place for you to write the specific item description on each tag. You do not have to enter your inventory as you order tags. All prices should be in $1 increments. If you have any difficulty with this process, just let us know so we can help. If you do not have a printer or your printer can’t print on card stock, we can print tags for you for a small fee. For more complete information, check out the Consignor Information Details Page.

How do I attach the tags to my items?
All clothes need to be hung or pinned on a hanger. Hangers are supplied by the consignor for their hanging items and will be sold with the items. The hook should point left in the shape of a questions mark. Tags can be pinned using a single safety pin horizontally through the top of the tag. (This is the most likely to stay in place throughout the jostling of the sale.) Securely tape or pin tags to other items as appropriate. Toys with multiple small pieces should be put in clear, zip locked bags and taped shut. We cannot sell items with missing tags. For more complete information, check out the Consignor Information Details Page.

How are sellers compensated?
All sellers retain 70% of the sale price of their sold items.  Consignors will receive a check in the mail 3-4 weeks after the sale. During the sale, consignors can log in at the link above and check their total amount sold. Keep in mind, sales are updated by a manual software refresh over the course of each day. Totals shown may not represent the real time actual sales total.

What happens to the other 30% of the total sales?
Once the consignors have received their percentage of sales, the remaining proceeds are used to assist individuals and families in need within our community. This sale is not for profit and does not financially benefit the church or its programs. The sale is run by a team of volunteers who donate their time. Ringgold United Methodist Church partners with school counselors, social workers and other local organizations to identify those who would benefit from assistance. Over the years, we have been able to use proceeds to purchase needed items for children in the community (glasses, equipment, etc.), assist with families whose belongings were destroyed by providing items from the sale or purchased by sale funds, and have otherwise been able to offer support in innumerable cases of need.

Is the preview sale for consignors or for anyone else?
A preview sale will be held on the Thursday prior to opening of each sale for all consignors, volunteers, first time moms and dads, foster families, RUMC members and folks who advertise for us on social media. The preview sale will be from 5:00 to 8:00 pm with varying entry times depending on your level of involvement. Consignors must get a preview sale ticket when you drop off your items in order to attend this preview. We will also give each consignor a complimentary preview sale ticket to share with a friend.

For additional information, check out the Consignor Information Details Page.